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Asset Management Data

Accurate benchmarking data is critical in understanding operation optimisation, realistic performance targets, equipment evaluation, maintenance review options and optimal economic life assessment. Big Iron has developed an equipment performance and cost database. We use this to benchmark your assets across a wide range of applications and commodities.

Methods and Processes

Data is only one part of the equation. Intelligence comes from the interpretation of data to provide meaningful analysis. Our process guides you through a structured risk review of your operation. The process outputs are risk-adjusted life cycle cost and performance models for your equipment. Models are specific to your mine's operating context and are based on strategic, business, regional and site factors that drive cost and performance.

Domain Knowledge

Big Iron asset management personnel are experts with substantial industry experience. We also have a network of independent consultants to deliver and support projects around the world. All consultants are familiar with our data, systems, methods and processes, maintaining Big Iron's record of consistent, high quality project delivery.

Clean Code

Maintenance Budgeting

Big Iron uses life cycle costing principles to budget for maintenance costs over the life of the mine. Whether it's preparing an annual maintenance budget, five-year plan or life of mine forecast, we have the tools, expertise and systems to help. We can prepare budgets on a one-off basis or remotely prepare and deliver your budget using our monthly budgeting service.

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Equipment Selection

Effective mining equipment selection considers more than just the initial capital outlay. Making the most effective decision requires evaluation of the life cycle cost, asset performance and performance risk specific to an application. Big Iron has the expertise, data and tools to help you make the most effective equipment selection decision.

The decision must also be right for your organisation and agreed upon by key stakeholders. Big Iron employs a tested practical method to evaluate both the hard economic factors and the softer risk factors that determine equipment life cycle cost and performance.

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Strategy Development

An Asset Management strategy is a list of activities which will ensure that an item of equipment will continue to meet its intended functional performance levels safely, and at minimum life cycle cost.

Big Iron has developed strategies for many items of mobile mining equipment and is available to assist your strategy development project. Strategy development can include complete strategy design from first principles, or assistance to develop specific standard jobs, BOMs, service sheets etc. for particular items of plant and equipment.

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ISO 55000 Assessment and Audit

Big Iron's consultants are certified to conduct ISO 55000 assessments and audits. Further, Big Iron can help implement your maintenance improvement project under ISO55000 or otherwise. The Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) status is recognised in Australia, Canada, Brazil, France and the USA.

We have developed standard audit and assessment templates to assist in the quick deployment of asset management system assessment.

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Life Cycle Modelling

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is a business concept that evaluates the capital investment and ongoing costs for projects and assets. As the concept includes all costs throughout the life of an asset or project it is suitable for assessing alternative investment and operating strategies and hence is a useful business decision-making tool. For mobile mining equipment, LCC can be usefully applied to equipment purchase decisions, maintenance and repair contract vs self-perform maintenance options, repair / replace / rebuild decisions and economic life determination.

We use life cycle costing as a framework methodology to evaluate the economic impact of decisions. For example changes to the equiupment strategy or an alternate mining method.

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Reliability Benchmark for Mobile Mining Equipment


Big Iron has developed an extensive database of mining equipment costs and performance. This unique resource contain data amassed over many years working with mining operations around the world. The database is a core asset of our business that can help set expected future performance and costs, and to set realistic goals and targets for your mine.

Our equipment intelligence database is the product of 20 years' real-world experience, OEM recommendations and intelligent assumptions. It contains over 200 equipment models operating in coal, copper, iron ore and nickel with pricing across multiple regions.

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Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources has many business working in the mining sector. These include operations in crushing, screening, processing and materials handling, general mine infrastructure, bulk iron ore and manganese commodities production. Mineral Services also undertake polyethylene pipeline fabrication, pipe lining, pipe fittings manufacture and pipeline installation.

Mineral Resources operate a large fleet of mining and construction equipment. Big Iron works as an adviser to Mineral Services on equipment cost models. Big Iron Consulting has developed life cycle cost models to assist project bids and budget projections.

Nordgold Bissa

Nordgold is a global diversified low-cost gold producer established in 2007. The Company operates nine mines and has two development projects. Four projects are in the advanced exploration phase. The Bissa Gold Mine, launched in January 2013, underwent a significant expansion in 2015. To review fleet options, Nordgold contracted Big Iron.

A detailed study was undertaken reviewing options from both Komatsu and Caterpillar. Besides economic factors, Big Iron reviewed the risks associated with each option. Risks included local support capability, product performance, country risks and site severity.

Big Iron developed risk-adjusted life cycle models and ranked the options according to combined cost and risk.

After the completion of the selection project, the life cycle models continued to be used to benchmark actual performance against expected.

Straits Resources
Straits Resources

Straits Resources is an Australian based copper mining and exploration company. Straits flagship is the Tritton copper mine in NSW. Tritton is an underground nmine and produce approximately 27,000 tonnes of copper concentrate and cement annually. The operation incorporates multiple mines and a 1.6 million tonne per annum concentrator.

Big Iron assisted Straits with a recent underground equipment selection project. Big Iron analysed supplier bids and produced first principles cost models for each of the equipment being considered. The life cycle cost models were further utilised to form a base equipment strategy for the selected equiupment.


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